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Are campervans a good investment?

If you enjoy traveling and outdoor activities, or want to live on the road full-time, a campervan can be an excellent investment. If you're only using your van for occasional camping trips, then there are other more cost-effective options out there, including car camping or renting a campervan for occasional use. Here are some general factors to consider...

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Are campervans easy to drive?

Generally speaking, smaller campervans (such as those built on a van chassis) are easier to drive than larger ones (such as those built on a truck or bus chassis)...

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Can I pay for a camper using your website or app?

No, we do not handle the transaction between sellers/buyers. It's up to you to decide how you want to close the deal...

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Do campervans have bathrooms?

There are several types of bathrooms found in campervans, ranging from wet baths to simple portable toilets. However, some people decide not to include a bathroom since they can take up a lot of build space and require more maintenance...

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How do campervans get power?

Campervans can get power in several ways, including batteries, solar panels, generators, shore power or through the van's alternator...

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How do you stay warm in a campervan?

You can stay warm in your campervan using several methods, including good insulation, a heating system, thermal blankets, hot water bottles and proper clothing...

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Where are campervans allowed to be parked overnight?

Where you are allowed to park your campervan overnight varies by country, state, or the city you are in. However, your general options include: campsites, RV parks, BLM land, street parking, private land or public parking lots (e.g. Walmart or some Casinos)...

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Where is the best place to buy a campervan?

There are many places to buy a campervan, including dedicated marketplaces (like Vancamper), dealerships, auctions, custom builders and rental companies...

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