About Vancamper

What is Vancamper?

Made by travelers for travelers, Vancamper is a modern, easy to use platform where people can come together to buy and sell campervans and other cool campers online. It's available for free on iPhone, Android and the web.


In 2019, my wife and I were looking to buy a campervan to explore more of California with. After months of endlessly scrolling through various classified sites, online groups and forums, we eventually found our van - but the process felt unnecessarily time-consuming and antiquated.

The idea for Vancamper was born and slowly worked on, but ultimately put on hold as travels and van work took over.

Fast forward to 2020 and Covid-19 hits. With no travel plans and extra spare time, development resumed and the first version of Vancamper was eventually released in August 2020. The Android and iOS apps followed shortly in early 2021.

Like a lot of strange, Internet phenomenas, Vancamper started small and grew fast, amassing millions of visitors and a steady stream of quality campers for sale. To everyone that has supported us so far - thank you! I hope you enjoy using Vancamper as much as I did making it.

~ Jack, founder


We love campervans and all the good stuff that comes with them. Enjoying time in nature, epic road trips, exploring different ways of living and spending time with friends and family on the road.

Vancamper's mission is to help fellow travelers find their dream camper as fast as possible. So we can all spend more time using the darn things, and less time searching for them.

How much does it cost to list or use Vancamper?

Nothing! Vancamper is free to use, with no hidden fees or pay walls. For people that want them, we have some premium features lined up for the future.

What type of campers are accepted on Vancamper?

Like the name suggests, our focus is on campervans and not so distant cousins, including class B RVs and custom conversions such as skoolies, ambulances, buses and some truck campers.

As a general rule, if it's a custom built camper - we'll probably allow it. Other types of mass manufactured RVs (class A/Cs and towables) are currently not accepted.

Cargo/conversion vans with no RV-style amenities are also not accepted. Exceptions to this include vehicles which make excellent conversion candidates and have had some build work done (e.g. gutting, insulation, flooring, etc).

Who are you?

Vancamper is made in California by Yaxo's founder - a big traveller with a soft spot for road trips on motorbikes and campervans.


For media inquiries, interview requests or partnerships, contact us using the e-mail address below.

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What technology powers Vancamper?

Vancamper is a custom built platform designed to do one thing incredibly well. If you're interested in learning more - or working with us on Vancamper or another project - get in touch!


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Made in California by Yaxo ❤️ © 2021

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