About Vancamper

What is Vancamper?

Vancamper is a modern, easy to use classifieds marketplace where people can come together to buy and sell campervans and other hand-crafted campers online. It's available for free on iPhone, Android and the web.

Our Story

As adventurers ourselves, we love nothing more than a good old road trip - everything from weekend getaways to epic cross country adventures. It's always been our happy place - and if you got this far into reading this, we are assuming it is for you too.

Our goal at Vancamper is relatively simple: to provide fellow travellers with modern tools which make buying and selling cool campers as smooth and fast as possible. So we can all spend more time outdoors enjoying the darn things - and less time on devices trying to find them.

How much does it cost to list or use Vancamper?

Nothing! Vancamper is free to use - there are no hidden fees or paywalls. We provide some paid features to help sellers promote their listings to a wider audience, but these are not required to list on the site.

What type of campers are accepted on Vancamper?

Like the name suggests, our focus is on campervans and not so distant cousins, including class B RVs and custom conversions such as skoolies, ambulances, buses, overland rigs and some truck campers.

As a general rule, if it's a hand-crafted camper - we'll probably allow it. Other types of mass manufactured RVs (class A/Cs and towables) are currently not accepted.

For more information on this topic, view our Posting Policy.

Who are you?

Vancamper is made in the Bay Area, California by Yaxo.


For media inquiries, interview requests or partnerships, contact us using the e-mail address below.

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What technology powers Vancamper?

Vancamper is a custom built platform which uses several cutting edge technologies. If you're interested in learning more - or working with us on Vancamper or another project - get in touch!