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Do campervans have bathrooms?

There are several types of bathrooms found in campervans, ranging from wet baths to simple portable toilets. However, some people decide not to include a bathroom since they can take up a lot of build space and require more maintenance.

Here's an overview of the most common types of bathrooms found in campervans:

  1. Wet Bath: A wet bath is a combined bathroom and shower area. The toilet, sink, and shower share the same space, and the entire area is designed to get wet.

  2. Dry Bath: A dry bath is a separate bathroom and shower area (sometimes placed outside the van). The toilet, sink, and shower are in separate spaces, and the bathroom area is designed to stay dry.

  3. Portable Toilet: Some campervans may have a portable toilet that can be removed and emptied as needed. These are often concealed in slide-outs, so they are hidden when not in use.

  4. No Bathroom: Many campervans have no bathroom at all. Some people prefer to keep the build simple - or just don't like the idea of having a toilet in a van!

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