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Sending and receiving messages

If you've found a camper you're interested in and want to contact the seller, here's how!

Messaging a seller
  1. Open the ad you are interested in
  2. Type your message into the contact widget and click Send

How to send a message to someone on Vancamper

Receiving and Responding to Replies

When someone replies to you, you’ll get a notification in your email as well as in your My Messages section. You can always access your messages by clicking the Messages button in the bottom navigation area:

How to browse your messages on Vancamper

Tip: If you have the Vancamper app, you can also receive notifications on your mobile device.

To respond to a message:

  1. Click the Reply button in the message email or visit your My Messages section on the Vancamper website or app.
  2. If you’ve come from your email, you’ll be taken directly to the conversation. If you visited from the website or app, click the conversation you want to open.
  3. Write your message and click the send button.


  1. All correspondence on Vancamper happens securely via our own built-in messaging system. Your e-mail address or phone number is not shared with anyone else unless you chose to disclose it.
  2. To reply to messages, always use our website or app. Replying to e-mail notifications sent from Vancamper does not relay this message to the person who contacted you.
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