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Reply rate

When viewing a listing, we display the reply rate for a seller under their profile. The reply rate indicates how often a seller replies to a buyer’s first message.

For example, if a seller has responded to 7 out of 10 buyers, their reply rate will be 70%.

Why can't I see a reply rate for a seller?

This means they haven't yet had enough enquiries for us to accurately display this rating. Once they've had enough buyers contact them, the reply rate will be shown.

My reply rate is low. How can I make it higher?

The best way to maintain a high reply rate is to always respond to buyers, even if it's just a courtesy reply to say you're not interested, or you've had enough interest.

What if I no longer want to continue a conversation? Will my reply rate drop?

No. Reply rates are calculated based upon replying to a buyer's first message. We understand there are many reasons why you might not want to communicate after a courtesy reply so these messages won't affect your reply rate.

What about cases where I have good reason not to reply to a buyer?

We understand that in some rare situations there might be good reason you don't want to reply to a buyer. For example, if they are communicating in a way which is offensive, and it's simply more appropriate to not engage in a conversation with them.

In these situations, our advice is to report and then block the buyer using the Flag option in the chat window. Conversations with buyers who you've blocked or who have been banned by our team will not affect your reply rate.

How do I see my own reply rate?

Simply visit one of your listings. It will be shown on your Seller profile at the bottom of the listing page.

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