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Sellers FAQ

Do you take a commission for selling my campervan?

No, the money from selling your campervan is 100% yours...

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How can I turn messaging on and off for my listing?

Vancamper supports three simple modes for controlling how buyers can message you for listings: automatic (default), on and off...

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How do I delete my listing?

The easiest way is to mark your listing as sold. Once the listing expires, it will be removed automatically from the site...

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How do I update my listing as For Sale, Sale Pending or Sold?

If you are using our website, visit your My Listings page. Find your listing and next to Availability, click Update...

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How long are listings active for?

Listings stay on Vancamper for 90 days. After this, they are automatically removed from the site. You can re-post your listing if it expires...

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How long does it take to sell my campervan?

There's no magic number here. It depends on what you are selling, where you are selling it, how it is priced and market supply and demand...

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How many listings can I create?

One listing per campervan. Duplicate listings are not allowed and will be removed...

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How to post a listing

Posting a listing on Vancamper is quick, easy and can be done both on our website and iPhone/Android apps. Before you create your listing, you will need to sign up for an account...

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Is there a maximum number of photos for a listing?

Yes, we allow a maximum of 45 photos per listing...

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What type of campers are allowed to be sold?

Our focus is on campervans and not so distant cousins, including class B RVs and anything hand made - e.g. skoolies, ambulances, buses and some truck campers...

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What's the difference between For Sale, Sale Pending or Sold?

For Sale: your listing will appear in all search results and buyers can message you...

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