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Picture 1/36 of a *PRICE DROP* Sprinter 2500 2012 144” wheel base  for sale in Phoenix, ArizonaPicture 2/36 of a *PRICE DROP* Sprinter 2500 2012 144” wheel base  for sale in Phoenix, ArizonaPicture 3/36 of a *PRICE DROP* Sprinter 2500 2012 144” wheel base  for sale in Phoenix, ArizonaPicture 4/36 of a *PRICE DROP* Sprinter 2500 2012 144” wheel base  for sale in Phoenix, ArizonaPicture 5/36 of a *PRICE DROP* Sprinter 2500 2012 144” wheel base  for sale in Phoenix, Arizona

Sold - *PRICE DROP* Sprinter 2500 2012 144” wheel base


Listed 7 months ago
Phoenix, Arizona

Seller's Description

Meet Aveline, the beautifully hand crafted 2012 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 2500 144” WB. She is a one-of-a-kind cabin on wheels that comes fully furnished, self-contained, and solar-powered with a full-size bed, a kitchen with two propane burners, a fridge, a large sink with hot water, a separate drinking water spout, an indoor shower with hot water on demand, a dinette, a security system, a diesel heater, two swivel seats, and tons of storage room. ONLY CONSIDERING SERIOUS INQUIRIES Please message me if you are interested in viewing. PRICE: $59,000 OBO (She has been appraised for her value) About the vehicle * Make: Mercedes-Benz * Model: Sprinter Van 2500 144” WB * Year: 2012 * Title: Clean. No Liens. Two owners. * Engine: V6 Diesel (GREAT mileage about 25mpg, much better than gasoline vehicles) * Mileage: 136,100 As I’m sure you’ve seen, this mileage is VERY low for a diesel engine) * A full tank find for about 450-480 miles on the highway and about 400-450 on the local roads. * Interior standing height is 75” (6’3”) * Vehicle has been very well maintained and has been updated with several new parts (Turbo, NoX sensors, Radiator, tires, etc.) A full history of Aveline will be provided with receipts and a schedule for upcoming mileage maintenance for your convenience. * Tires: All Tires replaced at 123,144 miles. Last rotation at 135,000 miles. * Body: See images for context. No rust. * Damage: The van’s first life was as a Chinese medicine delivery van in NYC. She accrued some dents from this time in the city. We have found it nice to not have a pristine exterior. It leaves room for door dents from other vehicles not to get to you as much! About the “House” Insulation - * The entire van including doors, have been fully insulated with a mixture of R-tec 1” foam board, R-tech 1/2 “ foam board, ECO-roll (The pink brown stuff). Reflectix was then laid above all the insulation and taped off with foil tape to create a vapor barrier. The 3/4” framing wood was then placed over the Reflectix to provide an air gap to maximize R-Value (Insulation strength) of the vehicle. * We spent 12 weeks in 15 degree winter weather in Enterprise, OR. We were comfortable and cozy! Electrical - * 300 Watts of solar energy mounted on the roof (One 200W Panel and one 100W panel). * 30amp solat MPPT Charger to trickle charge energy from solar to battery * One 200-amp hour Renogy AGM battery 12V * Back-up battery charger using a voltage sensitive relay to charge the battery from the vehicle battery. Super handy! * One Renogy 2000W (up to 4000W) pure sine wave inverter * Maxxair fan (7 different speeds) * Euhomy 45 liter refrigerator with Bluetooth controls * Dimmable lights * Drone Security system with smart phone app control to remote start (from app or remote), lock and unlock (from app or remote), customizable alarm features, tracking, battery check, temperature check, and more! * Espar 2 heater runs on the diesel from the vehicle’s tank. It can have a calendar setting to go off and on at certain times of day (morning before getting up for example). It has a timer to also go off on its own so you can fall asleep to heat. It can be set to a steady temperature and will turn off and on on its own if the temperature dips below what you want. Shower/bathroom - * Indoor hot (I mean HOT) water shower- it is seriously AMAZING to use this shower inside the van and have a hot shower before bed. * 20 gallon fresh water tank on passenger wheel arch to save space. * 20 gallon grey water tank with draining system located below shower under van. * Seaflo 45psi water pump with Seaflow water accumulator to allow water to flow on demand. Really great pressure. * EXCEL indoor water heater mounted in van rear connected to the propane tank. heating the water’s pipe. * We have been living in the vehicle without a toilet and found this to be what works for us. We will not be providing a toilet because we find it very subjective to each van dweller. Bedroom * The bed is a full-sized bed that is slightly tailored to fit the shape of the shower. We got our best sleep in this cozy bed! It is wonderfully positioned from front to back (not side to side) allowing for taller folks. * There is a coconut pad below the mattress to prevent molding and allow for airflow. * There is a three split mattress we can provide, however you may desire to find your own dependent on your thickness and density desire. * It pulls out to 75” long and 54” wide. The bed pushes in during the day and can be made into a sofa. * Willing to negotiate providing our linen summer sheet set or cashmere winter set. They were both expensive, but let me know if you are interested and we can discuss. Kitchen - * Suburban cooktop which is inset in the kitchen counter top. * 15”x 20” Ruvati stainless steel sink. with cutting board top. * Swivel faucet that can also be used as an outdoor shower during the warmer months * Hot water comes to this sink also which is great when doing dishes in the winter! * USB rechargeable drinking faucet connected to 5 gallon PRIMO drinking water * 20 gallon propane take with two way splitter hose connected to stove and water heater. * 7.5 gallon Blue Aqua Tank container for grey water from sink. * Foldable table on hinges for extra counter top room. Dining Table - * Custom made resin wood local artist designed table connected to a Lagun swivel table. * The driver and passenger chairs swivels back to face the table for two people to comfortably sit for meals or working. Extras - * Storage: More than enough storage! 2 cabinets above the dinning table for food. Three cabinets above the bed for toiletries and clothes. Next to the bed there is a wide space to fit bins to fill with gear, shoes, books, etc. The dining table has two storage spaces below the table and under the bench seat. There is also storage in the “garage” area in the back of the van. House Design * Lightweight woods (Cedar and Shiplap) were used for the ceilings and walls. The cedar is nice for bugs and smell! The young and grove panels used are also lightweight pie wood. This was to minimize the weight of the van because the more weight on the van means the less mileage you get. * The designers wanted the van to look and feel like a cabin (which they succeeded at!), so there are several beautiful detailed pieces of wood to fit the cabin feel. There are pieces of real walnut, oak, poplar was used to accent the kitchen bed, window frames, and shower. These are not cheap prices of wood and have all been treated to last in the van. * The Red cedar wood on the walls does a great job or repelling insects, absorbing moisture, and won’t bend and warp with water. Thank you for those who read the entire post, it will help you make a more informed decision and know what to ask about when you meet with me for viewing and purchasing Aveline!


  • make: Mercades
  • model: Sprinter
  • year: 2012
  • fuel: Diesel
  • odometer: 136,100 miles
  • sleeps: 2
  • seats: 2
  • type: Camper Van
  • roof: Hi Top

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    Air conditioner
  • health_and_safety
  • Solar panels
  • electrical_services
    Power inverter
  • Heater
  • Ceiling fan
  • Backup camera
  • shower
  • Extra storage
  • Toilet
  • accessible_forward
    Wheelchair accessible
  • AWD
  • 4WD
  • electric_rickshaw
  • Tow hitch
  • tv
  • Water tank
  • Leveling jacks
  • pedal_bike
    Bike rack


  • kitchen
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • dining
  • microwave
  • Oven

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