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2020 Nissan NV200 SV Camper Van with Solar


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San Diego, California

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-Registration renewed and good through May 2025 -Brand new engine battery as of Jan 2023 -Upgraded Headlight Bulbs The factory headlight bulbs from Nissan are weak. I upgraded to LED bulbs that produce a nice bright-white light, perfect for driving in the dark and rain. -Newer Tires They only have a couple thousand miles on them. They are the same Vanco FourSeasons that the original Van builder used. -Upgraded Speakers & Stereo System The stock speakers were pretty bad, upgraded the two front door 6x9’s, added an Amplifier and Subwoofer, the head-unit remains factory because it works fine. -Ottercast Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Adaptor The factory head-unit is capable of wired Apple CarPlay/Android Auto on it’s own, but I wanted wireless, so added this and it’s great compared to only the wired option. -Dual Sliding Doors These vans come with sliders on both passenger and driver side, which is very convenient and not always the case especially with vans larger than this one. -Windows All Around Slider door windows are screened with awning-style venting. All of the windows from the driving area back are tinted as well for privacy. Power System -200 Watts of Flexible Monocrystalline Renogy Solar Panels (2 @ 100 Watts each) I mounted these using a low-profile thinwall to the roof using only the factory roof-rack bolting plus a few pieces of high-bonding tape and Eternabond tape. (the solar panels themselves are mostly Sikaflex to the thinwall panels) It’s strong and safe, yet if one of the panels were to fail eventually, it’s about as easy to remove and replace as possible. -200 Amp Hours of Renogy Self-Heating Lithium Batteries (2 @ 100 Amp Hours each) Renogy BT-2 Bluetooth Adaptor for Battery Monitoring via the Phone App. These batteries are wired in parallel, giving you 200 Amp Hours of capacity total. The Self-Heating function is cool, because you are not supposed to send charge to Lithium batteries at or below freezing temps. If 40 degrees or lower, they will heat themselves up, and when they reach a safe temperature they will accept charge from the Alternator or Solar Panels. -Victron DC/DC Charge Controller This is a battery-to-battery charger, aka Alternator Charging. It charges the camping batteries when the vehicle is running. The Victron app even has a cool feature where you can reverse the charging, ie. if you accidentally drain your starter battery, you could “jump” it off the camping batteries. Note however that this unit also already does what a VSR or Battery Isolator would do and will not take charging power from your starter battery. -Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controller Pretty standard MPPT charge controller. Another cool thing to note is you can manage both the DC/DC charge controller noted above and the Solar MPPT charge controller from the same screen within the Victron Connect app. -Bestek 500 Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter There’s nothing wrong with this unit, but if you’re looking for one of those 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave inverters you won’t find it here. I made an effort to get 100% 12 Volt devices and power adaptors, so I do not have a serious need for an inverter. But I have this in the van in case in some emergency or something I really have to run regular 110 Volt plugs and power. -Battery Tender / Shore Power Unit Under Hood There is a battery tender device to hook up to regular AC outlet shore power for battery charging as well. It is located under the hood. Full disclosure I actually disconnected the wires to the unit when redoing my Alternator Charging method (upgrading from simple relay/isolator to B2B Victron DC Charger) but you could easily re-attach the leads to the battery terminals. Camping Stuff -Bed Mode and Table Mode There is a dinette table with seating options. You just do some swapping of the cushions, set the braces for the seating in the “up” position, and a quick assembly of the table support posts and table top. The cushions form roughly a Full Size mattress equivalent, and are quite comfortable. -Interior Lighting There are dimmable LED lights in the sleeping area of the van, controlled by a dimmer switch on the ceiling. -Curtains All of the sleeping area windows have cloth curtains that are held up when not in use by a simple velcro setup. -Plugs There is a 12 Volt plug and 2 USB outlets near the back door on the driver’s side. Also I added a 12 Volt lead with standard adaptor end from the camping batteries to the center console of the driving area. -Drawer Style Dometic Refrigerator There is a Dometic drawer-style fridge, perfect size for this van. Works like a champ. -Single Burner Butane Camping Stove There is a portable single-burner butane camping stove included. It has a mount panel underneath it, so you can take it to a picnic table and use it or set it in the pins of the pullout drawer for safe and steady use right at the back of the van. -Roof Vent with Fan There is a roof vent with a powered fan in the back bed area of the vehicle. It can open and close by means of the manual pull-down bracket on the vent. -Camping Drawers & Cutting Board In the rear of the van there are a couple of pull out drawers in the cooking area. Plenty of room for the necessities you just can’t be lazy about organizing. Also there is a pull-out wooden cutting board in that area as well. Other Notes -All Maintenance Records, clean Title I have obsessively taken this vehicle to Mossy Nissan Kerney Mesa dealership here in San Diego every 5,000 miles for oil changes and other factory-recommended maintenance. This thing runs like a champ. Probably 90% of it’s miles are hiway/freeway. You can expect to get at least 28 Miles Per Gallon on the freeway, and probably 20+ in the city. -One Minor Dent Be aware, on the driver’s side B-Pillar (the column between the front of the driver’s side Sliding Door, and the rear of the driver’s side door) there is a dent. Someone must have backed into the van lightly and then drove off. My wife swears it’s not that noticeable or a big deal, but I want to be upfront about it. Also note, I had a Mobile Dent Repair guy come out, and he said because of the specifics of this vehicle and the support beams and such in that area they cannot pull out the dent. I also took it to Caliber Collision, and they noted they could do the repair. I opted to not go the Caliber route, but that is mostly because I screwed up and chose way too high of a deductible on my insurance plus Caliber in our area said they’d need to keep the vehicle for like 2 weeks. So, it's repairable, I just never did it. *Talk to me about a list of useful items to buy for this van after purchase as well. It's a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff off Amazon (mostly) that I found to be super useful, however I am taking them with me to my new van. (Wedge Pillows, Small Butane Heater, etc). Ran out of characters to list them all here.


  • make: Nissan
  • model: NV200 SV
  • year: 2020
  • fuel: Gasoline
  • odometer: 38,500 miles
  • sleeps: 2
  • seats: 2
  • type: Camper Van
  • roof: Regular

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  • ac_unit
    Air conditioner
  • health_and_safety
  • Solar panels
  • electrical_services
    Power inverter
  • Heater
  • Ceiling fan
  • Backup camera
  • shower
  • Extra storage
  • Toilet
  • accessible_forward
    Wheelchair accessible
  • AWD
  • 4WD
  • electric_rickshaw
  • Tow hitch
  • tv
  • Water tank
  • Leveling jacks
  • pedal_bike
    Bike rack


  • kitchen
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • dining
  • microwave
  • Oven

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