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Picture 1/14 of a 2021 Mercedes Sprinter 170 Ext - w/ Shower for sale in Aurora, ColoradoPicture 2/14 of a 2021 Mercedes Sprinter 170 Ext - w/ Shower for sale in Aurora, ColoradoPicture 3/14 of a 2021 Mercedes Sprinter 170 Ext - w/ Shower for sale in Aurora, ColoradoPicture 4/14 of a 2021 Mercedes Sprinter 170 Ext - w/ Shower for sale in Aurora, ColoradoPicture 5/14 of a 2021 Mercedes Sprinter 170 Ext - w/ Shower for sale in Aurora, Colorado

Sold - 2021 Mercedes Sprinter 170 Ext - w/ Shower


Listed 2 years ago
Aurora, Colorado

Seller's Description

Brand new van conversion with plenty of space and storage. 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 170 Ext with high roof (rear wheel drive) - Factory tow hitch and step - Average 19-21 MPG (with pictures) - Apple Carplay/Android Auto - Leather Seats - Passenger Swivel Seat - Power lumbar support 2x Shower - Interior: With the 3ft x 2ft shower, there is plenty of space to clean off yourself and any gear you have. It also makes a great wet area to keep any wet gear that you need to dry. - Exterior: There is another full shower at the back of the van when you open the left door. You can simply pull out the hidden handle to rinse off yourself or any dirt gear. There is a suction cup that can be attached to the rear window to give yourself the ability to take a fully heated shower. Features - Bed: Queen Bed with USB charger by the head - Garage: Huge garage that can store all the gear for a long weekend or even a month on the road. - Garage Access Door: In the kitchen, there is a door that allows easy access into the garage without needing to get out of the van. - Storage Cabinets: 4x very large cabinets over the bed allowing for plenty of space to store clothes and gear. - Swivel Seat: 180 degree passenger swivel seat gives an extra area to sit and recline while keeping the kitchen clear. - Black Out Window Covers: All windows have an insulated and blackout window cover that helps to keep the van cool/warm and make it easy to sleep no matter the time of day. Kitchen - Overhead Storage: 2x overhead pantry cabinets. These deep cabinets will be able to stow a ton of dry goods during your trip. - Lower Storage: 2x more lower cabinets are very tall and can store larger items that you want to keep close. 3x DEEP drawers, the 3 draws are the depth of the entire countertop giving you a on of storage to carry anything you may need. - Fridge Storage: Next to the Fridge/Freezer, there is another storage compartment that features an interior USB port that allows you to stow any electronic while also charging them. - Fridge/Freezer: Dometic CFX Dual compartment Fridge/Freezer gives you the ability to control the temperature in each compartment. You can choose which side is the fridge and which is the freezer or make both a fridge or both a freezer. - Sink: Deep stainless steel with 2 faucets. The larger faucet with a detachable head is hooked up to the hot water heater allowing you to wash dishes on the go. The smaller faucet is connected to a filter that allows you to have clean water to drink and cook with. - Countertop: The huge butcher block countertop vices you over 2 1/2 feet of countertop space to cook with. - Swivel Table: The table is made from the same wood as the countertop, but is able to move around to provide extra space to cook with or a table to eat on and quickly stows away when not in use. - Bench: The bench is on top of the Fridge/Freezer and proves a great place to sit and relax when you need to take a break. There is plenty of room for 2 people and you could easily fit a little one as well. Heating and Cooling - Heating: There is a Webasto Diesel Heater located under the passenger seat that pumps hot air throughout the entire van. No matter how cold it gets the Webasto and the insulated walls are able to keep the van nice and warm. The maximum fuel usage is 1.6 gallons every 24 hours but if you don't run it at full strength you will use a lot less. - Cooling: On top, there is a Dometic Brisk II 13,500 air conditioner and MaxxAir Fan. The Dometic Brisk II is a 13,500 BTU air conditioner that has no issue of instantly cooling down the entire van. While it's sometimes a necessity to turn on the air conditioner, most of the time, the MaxxAir rooftop fan is all you need. The MaxxAir Fan is a covered fan meaning you can use it in the rain and it is located at the front of the van right next to the shower. When turned on, the fan pulls air through the bunk windows in the back and out the top. The provides immense cooling throughout the van and extra cooling right where you sleep. The MaxxAir fan will also pull out the moisture from the shower and keep everything nice and dry. Water There is a 2.5 gal/min water pump located in the water tank box that is very quiet and uses minimal electricity. The pump is controlled using a switch on the control panel by the sink. The control panel also has a sensor to see the fresh and gray water tanks. There is also an electronic gray water dump switch that allows you to drop the gray water from inside the van and not have to get out underneath. - Fresh Water: There is a 40 gallon fresh water tank located in the back. This large tank provides enough water for about 5 days for 2 people including showers. There is a 2.5 gallon Bosch electric water heater located under the sink that provides hot water to the sink and both showers. Also under the sink is a water filter that provides clean filtered water through a dedicated tap at the sink. - Gray Water: There is a 20 gallon gray water tank located underneath the van that provides ample storage for all the used water. The sink and interior shower feature waterless p-traps that keep the smell of the tank outside the van while also making sure that none of the water evaporates. The gray water can be dropped by using a switch inside the van so there is no need to crawl under and drop any tanks. - Black Water: There is a cassette toilet inside the van that allows you to have a clean place when it's time to go. Electrical - Solar: This van comes with 4x Renogy 100 watt roof mounted solar panels that all flow into a Renogy 40 amp Solar Charger. During the day, the solar is able to fully charge the batteries on top of providing power to any accessories using power so when night starts the batteries are full. - Inverter Charger: This van features a Victron 3000 watt Inverter/Charger. This unit provides traditional A/C wall power that you would find in a home and allows the van to charge off the main power grid. The Inverter half is able to power the Air Conditioner, Microwave, and Water Heater with plenty of overhead to spare. The Charger half is able to provide power to the applications directly and then charge the batteries as well. - Alternator: This van also comes with a Renogy 40 amp DC-DC charger. This device allows the house batteries to charge off the van's battery in a safe manner. The charger will make sure that only excess power is able to be taken and not damage the van battery. There is a switch for the charger located at the driver's seat so the driver can turn the charger on and off easily. The charger is also wired so it will only turn on if the van engine is running. This is an additional step to ensure the switch isn't accidentally left on, leaving the driver stranded. - Batteries: There are 4x 100 amp/hour AGM batteries. AGM batteries were chosen due to their resiliency in colder temperatures when lithium batteries would stop taking a charge.


  • make: Mercedes
  • model: Sprinter 2500 170 Ext
  • year: 2021
  • fuel: Diesel
  • odometer: 4,800 miles
  • sleeps: 2
  • seats: 2
  • type: Camper Van
  • roof: Hi Top

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  • Heater
  • Ceiling fan
  • Backup camera
  • shower
  • Extra storage
  • Toilet
  • accessible_forward
    Wheelchair accessible
  • AWD
  • 4WD
  • electric_rickshaw
  • Tow hitch
  • tv
  • Water tank
  • Leveling jacks
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  • Stove
  • Sink
  • dining
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