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E-350 Super Duty Off-grid Stealth Camper


Listed 24 days ago
Portland, Oregon

Seller's Description

Hello, my name is Grant, I’d like to start by saying that it is painful for me to have to sale my van. I’ve always had full intentions on building and keeping my conversion van for years and hundreds of miles to come. I’ve built out other vans, busses and ambulance builds for friends and family in the past few years, but this van was the buildout I planned on keeping for my own adventures and memories... I learned a lot of dos and don’ts from those multiple prior builds which I incorporated into my personal build which made for an amazing outcome. However, I unfortunately ran into some surprise medical issues, which resulted in bills and now me to selling my ride. This isn’t easy for me to let go but I will get joy knowing it’s going to a good home and that somebody will be able to create their own memories and fun. Let my loss be your win. The van is a Ford E-350 XLT Super duty Econoline with the extra-long cab and wrap around windows, which is a rare body style to find. Before we get into the interior and amenities, I’d like to explain the engine and the amount of preventative maintenance I put into the mechanics of the van. The engine is a 5.8L Windsor which is known to be a "bullet proof engine" and are known to go for over 300,000+ miles, the van is currently at 160,000 miles, so this van is ready for thousands of miles and years of travel, fun and memories! I replaced, cleaned and/or fixed most of the mechanical parts, for example the braking system, engine components, drivetrain, heating and cooling system and much more. I spent these extra thousands of dollars and days of hard labor, not because the van needed it done at the time but to ensure that the van will start up and run at any time in any condition, from the freezing mornings at -10F, to being able to idle in traffic at 112F for long periods of time with the AC on full without overheating issues. I’ve experienced both cases and have never had an issue. It has a 33 gallon gas tank and get about 15mpg highway. This van was well thought out and built to not only comfortably accommodate all your normal household living need along with having the capability to be 100% off grid and self-sustained for at the least 4 weeks (could be much longer depending on your water usage), while maintaining a stealthier camper look and confidence in the vans mechanics in any situation. It currently has two 200watt solar panels that charge two deep cell batteries that are stored separate from the engine battery. They are hooked up to a 3000w inverter that I have wired to a multitude of 120volt normal household outlets and 12v usb outlets. It also has a two-burner stove top, fridge, ceiling fan, toilet, 30-gallon water tank, shower and sink which are both hooked up to a hot water heater that runs off the same propane line as the stove and space heater. There is a ladder on the back of the van that leads up to a roof rack that has a Thule container. It also has a class 5 hitch which has a 10,000lb tow rating and 1200lb tongue weight, it has a 1-ton chassis (unlike the normal 1/2 ton on most other vans), between the hitch and engine you could easily tow just about anything from boats, fully loaded trailers or a camper. I also installed a bunch of aftermarket upgrades on the exterior of the van, for example the led and halogen headlights, aftermarket taillights, front grill, window visors and a 4 foot LED light bar. Inside the right side of the van has a futon style bench which is over 6.5ft long, it then slides out into a queen size bed (60in wide). When in the sofa position there’s a handle you can lift up which allows you access to underneath the bench which empty for storage purposes. Between the end of the bed and the back door of the van is where you store the never before used Camco toilet (stored in the black bag in the photo). The left side of the van has an 8-foot butcher block which starts at the back left door and goes up until the stove starts, the butcher block also has the sink mounted. I left plenty of room for cooking, storage, eating and has room to mount a tv or additional cabinets if wanted. Under the butcher block is the hot water heater, water tank, water pump, cabinets for storage, but that’s also where the shower head and hose comes out from which gets mounted to the back door. On the left side, towards the front of the van is where the two burner stove is located, under the stove is where the fridge slides out from on a track, the fridge is ran off the external battery source which is charged by the solar panels. Along with the fridge, the interior lights, ceiling fan, water pump, 120v&12v outlets all run off solar power. I also installed captain chairs on the driver seat and passenger seats, which enables them to spin around and face towards the back of the van, this allows for more seating aside from the queen size bed, for when you’re hanging out in the van with your friends/family, they can also be reclined which enables another couple places to sleep. The entire van is also heavy insulated on the ceiling, walls and floor (I have pictures of the insulation), almost all of the windows have reflective insulation to help regulate temperature and provide privacy, but they can all easily be removed to allow 360 view out of the van. I have 3 layers for every window along with a heavy exterior cover for the front window of the van. I've camped out in freezing weather multiple times for weeklong periods of time and have always stayed plenty warm. This van has everything needed to go on a cross-country trip, to the desert, up in the snowy mountains, or in the city for weeks at a time. This vehicle is a beast, wish I didn't have to let it go but id be happy to see it go to a good family. I can go into a lot more detail about this van so if you have any questions or want to shoot me an offer, send me a message and we'll talk!


  • make: Ford
  • model: E-350 Club Wagon Extended Cab
  • year: 2000
  • fuel: Gasoline
  • odometer: 160,000 miles
  • sleeps: 4
  • seats: 5
  • type: Camper Van
  • roof: Hi Top


  • ac_unit
  • health_and_safety
  • Solar
  • electrical_services
  • Heater
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Backup Camera
  • shower
  • Extra Storage
  • Toilet
  • accessible_forward
    Wheelchair Accessible
  • 4wd
  • electric_rickshaw
  • Tow Hitch
  • tv
  • Water Tank
  • Leveling Jacks
  • pedal_bike
    Bike Rack


  • kitchen
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • dining
  • microwave
  • Oven

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