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Picture 1/42 of a 2015 Ford Transit T-250 Diesel midroof 130” WB for sale in Manchester, New HampshirePicture 2/42 of a 2015 Ford Transit T-250 Diesel midroof 130” WB for sale in Manchester, New HampshirePicture 3/42 of a 2015 Ford Transit T-250 Diesel midroof 130” WB for sale in Manchester, New HampshirePicture 4/42 of a 2015 Ford Transit T-250 Diesel midroof 130” WB for sale in Manchester, New HampshirePicture 5/42 of a 2015 Ford Transit T-250 Diesel midroof 130” WB for sale in Manchester, New Hampshire

Sold - 2015 Ford Transit T-250 Diesel midroof 130” WB


Listed 2 years ago
Manchester, New Hampshire

Seller's Description

I bought this 2015 Ford transit van pre-owned from Grappone Ford, located in Bow, NH. I purchased this in August 2019 and the van had 31,000 miles on it. Currently has approximately 99,000 miles. No accidents, except I did back into a building overhang in sept 2019 and caused a dent above the rear passenger side door. Does not impact the function of the door and doesn’t leak, so didn’t feel worth it to get fixed. Full car fax report available at request. Diesel exhaust heater (component of the van, not the diesel heater from espar) had malfunctions and was replaced under warranty in August 2020. I have had no issues with the new DEH system. Tires: Wrangler Goodyear all season tires, Installed Jan 2021, has approximately 30,000 miles on them and plenty of life left before winter. Full wheel and tire coverage through 8/9/2024 with Zurich is transferable. Walls and ceiling: one of the first projects I worked on. I later learned about rivet nuts, and replaced the back panels with nicer wood. I kept the kitchen one because I loved my art so much and couldn’t part with it. There is reflectix and foam board behind the walls and below the subfloor. Could be replaced with batt insulation to be more effective. Ceiling is packed tight with R38 designed for attics and basements. Panels have all my art on them. I can either replace with simple white or leave empty for you to do as you wish. Kitchen: was a dresser I found on the side of the road. Replaced counter with very nice cherry wood (approx. $200) from Timberdoodle Farms in NH. Sink is from IKEA and faucet is from Amazon. The shurflo pump ($100) is from Campers world with a warranty on it. My first one burst during the first winter in the van, but was able to replace it since it was covered under warranty. Faucet is from Amazon and can extend and change stream pressure. 6 gallon fresh water tank and 6 gallon grey water tank (recently replaced). The sink plumping needs to be reconnected. Pump is wired and operational. Fire extinguisher and two-burner Coleman cook stove sit underneath next to the water jugs. I wanted to replace the base with a real kitchen with drawer slides, but didn’t get around to it. Bed: wood was reclaimed from a friend’s barn and is solid. We cut to size, approximately 69” long *54” wide. Can fit two people under 5’8” comfortably. Two pieces of wood lay in the middle and weight is distributed along the edge blocks. Bed frame is sitting exactly in a nook of the van wall and reinforced with brackets. Has 10 inch memory foam mattress, but was cut and is kind of well loved. Could easily be replaced. I cut it to size with a hand saw. Electronics: one 100 watt solar panel, renogy dc-dc charger, renogy 100 ah lithium battery (Bluetooth), in-line fuses, 12V deep sea accessory hub, maxx air fan, two (2) USB sockets near bed, 12V alpicool fridge with 12v socket and 120 v adapter (Bluetooth). Fire/co combo detector and separate co detector. Two 12v inverters that I use up front to power many of my electronics, especially while driving. Had intentions of expanding solar but didn’t get a chance to. I do have one additional connector for you to add an additional panel. Lights: I have a set of six puck lights that have not been installed yet. I’ve been getting by with battery operated twinkle lights and two usb rechargeable LED lights with four separate attachment points throughout the van. Espar D2 diesel heater ($1,800) was installed by Nirvana Upfitters in Massachusetts. It sits below the passenger seat. Fuel comes from a line that goes to the fuel tank of the van. Power comes from solar (wired into 12v set up). Thermostat above passenger seatbelt. Allows for three timers to be set, with specific temps, length of operation, etc. is super efficient. Can be run continuously and uses roughly a gallon of fuel per 24 hours. Once the van reaches temp, it will kick off and kick back on when it senses the inside temp drop. Solar panel: og panel was installed august 2020 and was lost on the road due to high winds early 2022. Panel was replaced and secured with bolts and wood supports on the underside of the roof. Reinforced with silicone. Previous holes filled with cement epoxy. No leaks. Can be sanded flat. Passenger seat has swivel from swivels R Us. I didn’t want to deal with moving the parking brake to do the drivers side and the kitchen would get in the way so it wasn’t worth it. It does mean the passenger seat is a bit taller than the other. But it is so nice to have the swivel. Could easily add a lagun swivel table, I just use TV tray (you’re welcome to have). Garmin dash cam: hard-wired into the van with garmin parking mode cable, which allows continuous running of the camera and identifies when break ins or crashes occur. Can be accessed by your phone via Bluetooth. Saves videos to micro SD card in camera. SimpliSafe security system: new addition to the van, includes hub, remote pad, camera, door sensors, panic button, and glass break sensor, and door stickers. Needs separate hotspot to operate 100%. Alarm can be tripped without a hotspot, but you need a hotspot to get notified of any alarm going off. Hub is hard wired into 12V via converter. Shower: includes rinse kit, hand pump, and 12V water heater. Has crack on bottom, sprayed with flex seal but haven’t used in over a year. Toilet: 2.5 gallon cassette toilet, used mainly for #1. Will be HIGHLY disinfected prior to sale, can be removed if you would like to replace with your own. Tools: you’re welcome to the box of tools, including 10ft telescopic ladder, jig, sander, electric supplies (crimp tool, extra connectors), remaining rivet nuts and rivet nut install tool, etc. Storage: my friend built the clothing storage above the bed. The kitchen has three drawers, but they are old and sometimes get jammed. Can hold a lot of supplies. Under bed storage has plenty of room, especially since I upgraded from agm to lithium battery, I saved a ton of room and weight. The van fits in a standard parking spot and is easy to get into tight spaces. The turning radius on this van is fantastic. The height with the maxx air fan closed is roughly 8’6” and fits under most drive thrus. I have kept the outside of the van very stealth, no stickers or equipment on the outside has allowed me to stealth camp 99.9% of my 3 years in the van. It gets 19.1 mpg, which for a vehicle of this size is quite good. Each tank allows for approximately 450 miles of driving. Has an included bug screen on the front of the van, as well as upper storage above the cab area. The back of the passenger seat has Velcro storage baskets for cleaning supplies. Hanging fruit basket. Inside height is approx. 5’7”. Van’s current KBB value: 24,000-27,000 (not including conversion costs) Asking: $30, 000 OBO If you’re seriously interested, send me a message on Instagram @emmettintransit because this site isn’t great for messaging.


  • make: Ford
  • model: Transit T-250 midroof 136 inch WB Diesel
  • year: 2015
  • fuel: Diesel
  • odometer: 100,000 miles
  • sleeps: 2
  • seats: 2
  • type: Camper Van
  • roof: Regular

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    Air conditioner
  • health_and_safety
  • Solar panels
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    Power inverter
  • Heater
  • Ceiling fan
  • Backup camera
  • shower
  • Extra storage
  • Toilet
  • accessible_forward
    Wheelchair accessible
  • AWD
  • 4WD
  • electric_rickshaw
  • Tow hitch
  • tv
  • Water tank
  • Leveling jacks
  • pedal_bike
    Bike rack


  • kitchen
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • dining
  • microwave
  • Oven

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