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Sold - 2008 Ford E350 Camper van conversion


Listed 3 years ago
Loveland, Colorado

Seller's Description

This converted bus is ready to hit the road! We bought the vehicle from Dallas, TX (NO RUST) in November 2018. We bought the bus with 112k miles on the odometer, however the engine was new and only had 200 miles on it when we bought it. So the engine currently has only 42k miles! The engine runs strong with plenty of power, and the transmission hasn't skipped a beat and shifts strong! AC and Heat both blow strong and cold/hot! We spent 8 months or so building it out before moving into the bus in June of 2019. We have been living full time in the bus ever since, and it has been such an amazing experience. We designed and built everything ourselves, and we are still stoked on how great everything works. Highlights of the build include: Solar: 320W array of Renogy flexible solar panels (160w panels x2) wired in parallel (pos to pos ; neg to neg) 100ah Lithium Iron Phosphate deep cycle battery from Renogy Renogy Rover 40a charge controller Renogy 1000w inverter Renogy 40a DC-DC charger (charges the solar battery via the alternator). Everything has appropriately sized fuses for protection. Fridge: Dometic CFX-65w Fridge (plenty of room for 2 people) Fan: Maxxair fan 5100k Heater: Propex HS2000 propane heater (works amazing!) Stove: Stainless Steel 3-burner stovetop Propane system: 30lb propane tank (sealed in an air-tight locker with a floor vent for any leaked propane) All propane lines are appropriately sized copper tubing with copper flare fittings Water system: 40gal fresh water tank Shurflo water pump Shurflo accumulator tank Stainless Steel sink bowl and faucet Heat exchanger for hot water at the faucet (heated by the coolant lines from the engine. SUPER HOT) Passenger seat: Swiveling passenger seat w/ built in seatbelt! Storage: HUGE sliding drawer for gear storage comes out the rear doors from under the bed (see video) Dirty laundry hamper accessed under the head of the mattress (see video) Trash can under the sink is included (fits perfectly) Safety features: Propane Detector (mounted near the ground behind the passenger seat) Carbon Monoxide detector Smoke detector Fire extinguisher Insulation: Plenty of Polyiso (Polyisocyanurate) foam board insulation (half inch under the floor, about 1.5 inches in the ceiling, and about 2 inches in the walls. Floor: Waterproof vinyl flooring on top of a particle board sub-floor which sits on top of the foam board insulation Lights: 8 ceiling lights wired to two different switches (one of the switches has a dimmer which is SO nice) Tires: We installed 6 brand new Hankook Dynapro ATM tires just before moving into the bus, so they probably have around 40k miles on them. They've been rotated since then, and still have tons of tread left. The bus also comes with a full sized spare that is mounted underneath the rear of the bus. Sound system: Aftermarket Kenwood bluetooth stereo 2 6x9 Pioneer speakers in the front 2 stock 4'' x 4'' speakers in the back (could use an upgrade) Next to the fridge is a large open space that we use for mountain bike storage. We have two bikes mounted there currently via fork mounts that are bolted to the wall. Helmets hang above the bikes, and a bunch of miscellaneous tools and gear fit on the floor between the bikes. Obviously, none of this comes with the bus. We included the bikes in the photos so that you could see how well two bikes fit INSIDE the bus. If you don't bike, this space could be turned into more storage, or whatever your imagination holds. Since moving into the bus we have had ZERO water leaks (from our water system or from rain), and ZERO propane leaks. The Propex heater has a thermostat so the heater can kick itself on and off all day to maintain the desired temperature. We have been working at Snowbird ski resort for the past two winters and have had no issues keeping the bus warm. In fact, the heater runs while we are working. So when we get home, the bus is already warm. I don't think we ever used the hottest setting on the heater. Since installing the DC-DC charger, we have peace of mind that we won’t have to worry about running out of solar power. When you start the engine, the DC-DC charger makes sure that the starter battery gets topped off before charging the solar battery. When the starter battery is topped off, it kicks on and charges the solar battery pretty quickly. We never have to worry about power, even during cloudy weeks. One thing to note about this rig is that you need to keep the heater on in the winter to keep the water system and solar battery from freezing. The battery, all water lines, and the water tank are enclosed inside the vehicle. This helps them not freeze when it is cold outside. However, you must keep the heater on to keep the bus from reaching freezing temps inside so that the water and battery cannot freeze. The Lithium solar battery isn’t designed to freeze. Freezing it could cause it to wear out much faster than intended. Maintenance done to the vehicle itself: We always do our oil changes on time and use conventional oil. We have replaced the alternator, radiator, thermostat, and an O2 sensor. Other than that, the rig hasn't caused us any issues and just always seems to run great! We had a couple of cracks on the windshield, so we replaced it during the summer of 2020. When we first moved into the bus, we made a little tour video that shows you all around and inside the bus. Definitely check this video out, as it is hard to go over every detail in this description (link below). DISCLAIMER: We did make some changes to the bus after making this video. We added a sponge holder by the sink, we added a cupholder for the passenger seat. We also got rid of our grey water tank. Most of the plumbing under the sink is the same. However, the grey water tank is gone which has made nice room for other things under the sink. The drain still has the S-trap and the ball valve to shut off the flow of the drain. We didn't end up using the grey water tank much, as it was a hassle to find dump stations in the city. A similar system would be pretty easy to re-install if you're interested in having grey water. We also didn't have the heater or DC-DC charger installed at the time of making the video. Also, the propane regulator that you see mounted on the inside of the propane locker failed on us. We replaced it with a MUCH more expensive one and haven't had an issue since. You can also see in the video that our speakers at the front of the bus have been changed. We cut a hole into the bubble that hangs over the windshield to add more storage. We currently store blankets, jackets, hats, spare pieces of reflectix, etc, in the bubble. The original speakers had to be moved, so we built a speaker box above the bubble so that the speakers could be angled down at the driver (it was difficult to hear the speakers when driving with the stock setup).


  • make: Ford
  • model: E350 Super Duty
  • year: 2008
  • fuel: Gasoline
  • odometer: 156,000 miles
  • sleeps: 2
  • seats: 2
  • type: Camper Van
  • roof: Hi Top

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  • Heater
  • Ceiling fan
  • Backup camera
  • shower
  • Extra storage
  • Toilet
  • accessible_forward
    Wheelchair accessible
  • AWD
  • 4WD
  • electric_rickshaw
  • Tow hitch
  • tv
  • Water tank
  • Leveling jacks
  • pedal_bike
    Bike rack


  • kitchen
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • dining
  • microwave
  • Oven

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