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Picture 1/16 of a 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Converted to Sleeper for sale in New Paltz, New YorkPicture 2/16 of a 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Converted to Sleeper for sale in New Paltz, New YorkPicture 3/16 of a 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Converted to Sleeper for sale in New Paltz, New YorkPicture 4/16 of a 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Converted to Sleeper for sale in New Paltz, New YorkPicture 5/16 of a 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Converted to Sleeper for sale in New Paltz, New York

Sold - 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Converted to Sleeper


Listed 3 years ago
New Paltz, New York

Seller's Description

🚘 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Converted to Sleeper - Upstate New York This is great family road trip camper van. Sleeps 2 adults and 2 smaller children (up to 7-8 yrs old) It looks and drives like a regular car/van. You can park anywhere and nobody suspects you are sleeping inside. It has real hooked up fridge powered by external battery. Middle seats were removed and only rear rows stayed. You can have 3 people in the back (3 seat belts) Van has AWD that is good for off road and winter driving. All spaces in this van are utilized and thought about. Nothing is wasted. Mileage 205,700. Toyota however runs forever. My toyota mechanic said that this van is in perfect shape. This is XLE version with moon roof, build in DVD player, electronic heated leather seats. πŸ’°Price: $8,500 USD. OBO Feel free to contact me for questions or to arrange a viewing. πŸ‘‰ [Electric set up and equipment] The car has external battery that allows you to charge your electronics. It has also two 110V outlets and 4 car charger outlets. External battery can either be charged by car during driving or outside with electrical outlet. - Jackery Power Station 250 (good to power fridge for about 24hrs) - NexPow Car Battery Starter 1500A, peak 21800mA; - Front headlights are replaced with SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb; - All inside lights are replaced with LED lights, which give much more light than normal bulbs, no need for additional lights. - 2 portable battery operated fans used for sleeping (very quiet and effective); - ODBII sensor hooked up to the car reads all internal car data and error codes. It also allows you to trouble shoot and reset if any codes appear. - VacLife Air Compressor Tire Inflator; πŸ‘‰ [Car maintenance and mechanics] Current mileage: 205,700. 20 miles per gallon Timing belt replaced at about 165,000 All breaks and discs replaced at 195,000 New rear suspension coils at 195,000 New rear shocks at 195,000 New front bearings at 205,000 New oxygen sensors at 205,000 New all spark plugs at 200,000 New sliding door motors and 1 latch at 205,000 New radiator at 195,000 New AC condenser and gas at 195,000 Car passes inspections and drives without any known issues. - AC works perfect, fully checked services last year. πŸ‘‰ [Bedroom] Van has 2 beds, main that sleeps 2 adults and 1 child and bunk bed that sleeps 1 child. - Main bed size: 6' (72" - 182cm) long 5' (60" - 152cm) wide at shoulders 52" (132cm) wide at legs 1 inches mattress with covers. Mattress is made from closed cell sleeping foams. - Bunk bed: It is suspended from rear head rests and wood poles over leg area of main bed. This is where our 7 yrs old child slept. Both beds need to be open up and assembled, which takes about 5 minutes. When not used bed folds into a bench behind front row seats. Mattress goes on top of bed and it is covered with cargo net. We also put sleeping bags, blankets, pillows under same net. Side window in sliding door can be covered with a mesh to keep them open during the night. Moon roof is covered with a mesh so you can keep it open during the night. πŸ‘‰[Kitchen] 3 2.5 gallon water containers; 3 gallon spare water reservoir; Gas One butane 1 burner camping stove; 30 liter hooked up fridge. It is big enough to hold food for 3 days for the whole family. Frying pan Spatula 3.5 liter pressure cooker Fire extinguisher Large First Aid bag Foldable aluminum table good for 2-3 ppl. 2 foldable camping chairs. Multiple mesh bags suspended in kitchen for extra storage. πŸ‘‰ [General] - Set of window shades custom cut to fit all car windows for privacy and heat barrier. One side is cover in black fabric so you can't see what's inside when sleeping. The other side of blinds is silver to reflect sun, we used that side only during the day. - Under bed/bench is large storage area. It keeps four 20" (20" x 10" x 11") duffel bags with cloths. You can also fit laptops, shoes etc there. - 2" Tow hitch installed - Mobile phone holder πŸ‘‰ [Notes] - AUX cable plug doesn't work; the only way we were able to play music from the phone is via FM radio transmitter (or bluethooth speaker) - This van does not have spare tire, all AWD version come without one. We carried extra donut tire on the roof (not included). - I sell the van without roof cargo box. It is very helpful to have one as you can keep spare tire and extra gear that you need for the trip.


  • make: Toyota
  • model: Sienna
  • year: 2006
  • fuel: Gasoline
  • odometer: 205,700 miles
  • sleeps: 4
  • seats: 2
  • type: Camper Van
  • roof: Regular


  • ac_unit
    Air conditioner
  • health_and_safety
  • Solar panels
  • electrical_services
    Power inverter
  • Heater
  • Ceiling fan
  • Backup camera
  • shower
  • Extra storage
  • Toilet
  • accessible_forward
    Wheelchair accessible
  • AWD
  • 4WD
  • electric_rickshaw
  • Tow hitch
  • tv
  • Water tank
  • Leveling jacks
  • pedal_bike
    Bike rack


  • kitchen
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • dining
  • microwave
  • Oven

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