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2006 Dodge Sprinter Custom Camper


Listed a month ago
Portland, Oregon

Seller's Description

Features: - Two-person sleeping accommodations - Two-person dining area - 1000W inverter supplying 120V power - 16-gallon water tank capacity - Three-burner propane stove - Mini-refrigerator - Kitchen faucet with hot water - Sliding kitchen drawers - Generous storage capacity - Private toilet stall This camper has an original, clever layout. First: the mini-refrigerator in the kitchen can be removed, which clears a straight line from the back doors to the back of the driver's and passenger's seats. This allows loading and transporting long, tall loads (like lumber, plywood, or a big mattress) when needed. Second: the couch, which has a large storage space inside it, easily converts to a bunk bed for nighttime. The kitchen counter space has a starboard and port side. The starboard side has a Furrion gas stove with three burners mounted in it. Below are three kitchen drawers with soft-close slides, and one compartment at the very bottom for dirty things, like a floor sweeper and dust pan. On the port side counter is the faucet and sink, and a paper towel dispenser mounted conveniently on the wall. Both sides have dedicated overhead light fixtures, and 120V / 15A electrical outlets. The rear door windows let in a lot of light during the day, and can be draped at night for privacy. The mini-fridge sits in the middle of the kitchen, and can be quickly removed when needed (using a ratchet and wrench), to convert the vehicle for utility jobs, like helping someone move. Removing the refrigerator creates a straight open space along the whole length of the van, allowing for easily loading and carrying long loads inside it. With the fridge removed, the utility space under the sink becomes accessible where the clean water tank (16-gallon capacity), the water heater, and the water pump are located. These things rarely require maintenance, but are reachable when necessary, like when winterizing the camper. Also, there is a propane gas detector mounted near the floor here, as a safety feature. On the ceiling is a Dometic roof vent with variable speed and direction -- it can be set to pull air out of the van (like when cooking), or blow air down into the cabin. The bathroom stall is right behind the driver's seat. The flushable toilet is connected to the water supply and sewage tank -- no need to carry and dump the waste by hand in a container. The bathroom has bright lighting, an electrical outlet, and convenient holders for hand sanitizer and extra toilet paper rolls. There is plenty of storage space all over the van, including five large overhead bins. In addition, lots of handy pockets and bins are placed all over the van, allowing for personalized storage of valuables and camping supplies. In the middle of the living space is a separate cubby for a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit. The fire extinguisher is charged, ready, and comes with the van. A first-aid kit is not included with the van, because it's up to the owner to personalize it, know what's in it, and how to use everything in it. A very comfortable pair of seats, a table, and an openable window, make up the dining area. There is also an array of lights above the table, allowing for reading in the evening. There is an electrical outlet with a USB charging port built into the wall above the dining table, for charging a computer, tablet, cell phone or other device. Across the aisle from the dining seating is the sofa, which converts quickly to a bunk bed. Both bunks are wide enough for an adult to sleep, and have mesh storage pockets for storing a book, alarm clock, electronic tablet, socks -- whatever is most handy when waking up. The bottom bunk tips up to open a big storage volume, which is useful for stashing pillows and blankets during daytime. Overhead lights run the length of the living area, lighting up the cabin when necessary. Electricity is provided by a 12Vdc deep-cycle battery, and converted to 120Vac by a professional inverter / battery charger. Certain components of the van, like the water pump, propane alarm, and roof vent, use 12Vdc straight from the battery. Other things, like all of the lighting and power outlets, use 120Vac, which only come on when the inverter is switched on. The battery is an AGM deep-cycle type, mounted in the factory-provided space under the passenger's seat. When the van's motor is working, the camper battery (separate from the motor battery) is charged by the alternator; when the motor is off, the camper battery is isolated, which keeps the motor starting battery from being discharged. The inverter is a Vanner model 20-1050CUL, which has two functions built into it: inverting the 12Vdc battery source to make 120Vac power, and charging / maintaining the battery when the van is plugged into shore power. The inverter is mounted in an enclosed utility space, above the passenger. Opening the rear doors of the van gives access to the clean water fill cap (16-gallon tank capacity), and the propane tank. The 20lb propane tank is needed to feed the gas stove and the water heater for the kitchen faucet. Above, there are two spacious compartments for utility items, especially things which don't need to be in the cabin -- extension cords, sleeping bags, inflatable raft, rain gear, bag of dog food, whatever is needed for a given trip. Outside, on the port side of the vehicle are the sewer drain outlet (standard 3" bayonet connection), and the electrical charging connection (NEMA 5-15). The outside of the van is finished in an attractive Plasti-Dip pattern -- the upper half is matte, and the lower one is metallic, so in certain lighting it looks like nearly one solid color, and in other conditions it contrasts. Before the camper conversion, the vehicle was originally an ambulance in the American South. It has no rust underneath, and has a clean title.


  • make: Dodge
  • model: Sprinter 2500, High Roof, 170" Wheelbase
  • year: 2006
  • fuel: Diesel
  • odometer: 224,000 miles
  • sleeps: 2
  • seats: 2
  • type: Camper Van
  • roof: Hi Top


  • ac_unit
    Air conditioner
  • health_and_safety
  • Solar panels
  • electrical_services
    Power inverter
  • Heater
  • Ceiling fan
  • Backup camera
  • shower
  • Extra storage
  • Toilet
  • accessible_forward
    Wheelchair accessible
  • AWD
  • 4WD
  • electric_rickshaw
  • Tow hitch
  • tv
  • Water tank
  • Leveling jacks
  • pedal_bike
    Bike rack


  • kitchen
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • dining
  • microwave
  • Oven

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