Latest reviews of the Vancamper app

Latest reviews of the Vancamper app

App Review

Popular mobile review site AlphaDigits has rated the iPhone version of Vancamper 9.5/10. Here's a little excerpt from their review.

There are few people who have not heard the call of the open road at one time or another. Time spent traveling, living a nomadic life, spending more time outdoors. And with all the issues we face today, who doesn’t want their own safe haven that they can take with them as desired? It’s a lifestyle that more people are embracing. Well, those are the things that a van camper can bring you. And there are few better ways than the new Vancamper app by Yaxo LLC to locate your dream camper.

Apps and Applications also praised our Android app and had this to say:

Vancamper makes it easy to filter the search by as many features as you like and connect you directly with the seller. You may filter by the kitchen facilities, by the shape, or type of roof. Of course, you can filter by the conventional features like the price and location.

And last but not least,

Just as the app is great for buyers, so is it for sellers. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to sell your recreation vehicles, be it campervan, truck camper, or schoolie, Vancamper accepts them all. All you have to do is to download the app and list your vehicle. Listing an RV on Vancamper is fast and very easy.

Thanks for all the glowing reviews!

If you haven't already, you can download the free Vancamper app on iPhone and Android.

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