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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. This information applies to both our website and iPhone/Android apps.

How much does it cost to list or use Vancamper?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and we focus on building our community and platform, there are no listing fees or charges for using Vancamper. We may introduce some premium features in the future.

How long will my listing stay active for?

Listings stay up for 60 days and then are removed from the site. You can re-post your listing if it expires.

How do I remove my listing from the site?

The easiest way is to mark your listing as sold. We keep listings up for a grace period and then remove them from the site. If you would like to have your listing removed completely please contact us.

What RV types are accepted?

Our focus is on campervans/class B RVs and custom conversions (skoolies, buses, ambulances and so forth).

Cargo/conversion vans with no RV-style amenities are not accepted. Exceptions to this include vehicles which make excellent conversion candidates and have had some build work done (e.g. gutting, insulation, flooring, etc).

I spotted a post/seller which looks like spam/scam. How do I report it?

In the mobile app, there is a 'flag' in the top right corner for the listing. Click this to report the listing. Our team will investigate the matter further.

Do you take a commission for selling my campervan?

No! Not at all. The money from selling your campervan is 100% yours.

Can a buyer pay me online using your website/app?

No, we do not handle the transaction between sellers/buyers.

How many listings can I create?

One listing per campervan. Duplicate listings are not allowed. You can sell as many campervans as you like.

Where can I download your app for iPhone/Android?

Download links: iPhone and Android.

How long does it take to sell my campervan?

There's no magic number here - it depends on so many factors. We recommend viewing our seller's guide for more information.

I cannot upload photos on my iPhone

This is normally a permissions issue. To fix it:

  • Uninstall Vancamper
  • Reinstall Vancamper from the App Store
  • Login > Posts > New

When the permissions dialog appears, click the option highlighted below:

How to fix iPhone permissions issue on the Vancamper app

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