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Searching For Campervans

Vancamper has powerful search and sorting tools which can help you narrow in on the specific type of camper you are looking for.

To access these tools, in the main Explore screen, click the filter icon.

How to access search and filter tools on Vancamper

Both on the website and mobile apps, the Filter screen contains a number of useful tools for searching for campers, including filtering by location, price, amenities, keywords and much more.

How to use search and filter tools on Vancamper

Select the options which are relevant to your search. When you want to view the matched listings, click the View Listings button at the bottom of this screen.

How do I save my search settings?

In the Explore view, click the Save Search button. You can optionally set up alerts for new listings.

How to saved your searches on Vancamper

How do I view listings on a map?

This feature is only available on our mobile apps. Click the Map icon in the top right corner of the Explore view.

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