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Saved Searches FAQ

Vancamper supports saved searches with optional alerts to notify you when new listings become available. To snag the best deals, we recommend setting up a few saved searches for the different types of rigs you're interested in.

How do I create saved searches?

Perform a search. Click on the "save search" button on the top of the results page.

How to saved your searches on Vancamper

How can I edit my saved search?

Load the search. Update your filters, click "save search" and delete the old one.

How do I view, edit, rename or delete my saved searches?

Click "Favorites" then the "Searches" tab. Click the menu icon next to a search to edit, rename or delete it.

What are search alerts?

Search alerts notify you when new listings are available that match your search criteria. Alerts can be turned on and off for any saved search.

How often will I receive new search alerts?

We'll send you a summary email when a new alert is created. Any new results are delivered to you daily.

Why is my search alert not showing all results?

The emails only show the first 12 results. Click on "View All Results" button to view all the results.

How can I turn off search alerts?

Click "unsubscribe" in the search alert email. You can also turn off notifications at any time by visiting your "searches" in the "favorites" area.

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