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Boost listing feature

The boost listing feature is a quick and easy way to get more views/replies to your listing.

When you boost a listing, we reset the listing date so that it appears at the top of the search results for buyers sorting by newest first (which is the default setting).

Since listings at the top of the search results get more exposure than older listings, this often leads to more views and replies.

How to purchase boost for a listing
  1. To boost a listing, visit My Listings.
  2. Find the listing you want to Boost, then click the Boost Listing button.
  3. You will be redirected to checkout. Once your payment is complete, your listing will be boosted to the top of the search results.

Note: Listings which are boosted appear in the top of the search results on our website and iPhone/Android apps. However, this feature can only be purchased online via our website.

When is the best time to boost my listing?

We recommend boosting your listing when:

  • Your listing has fallen behind in the search results.
  • Your replies have started to go stale.
  • You have made important changes to your listing. For example, a price drop, or after improving the listing with more photos/information.
How long will my listing stay boosted for?

Your listing will remain in the top spot until another listing is posted or boosted ahead of it.

Why isn't Boost available for my listing?

Boost is not available when:

  • You are first creating your listing.
  • Your listing is already at the top of the search results.
  • Your listing hasn't yet been reviewed.
  • Your listing is marked as sold or is expired.
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